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How to use phone service features


Anonymous Calling

Dial *67 followed by the number you wish to call. Your caller ID will not be sent to the caller.

Call Forwarding

Dial *72 immediately followed by the number you wish to forward to. A short tone will confirm that forwarding has been enabled. Please verify forwarding by calling the original number.

Call Forward Cancelling

Dial *73. A short tone will confirm that the forwarding has been cancelled.

Call Transfer Time

Standard ring time is 35 seconds. To adjust the transfer time to voicemail or call forwarding please call 1-888 or email support@nftctelecom.com.

Blocking Numbers

Email your contact information (full name, your phone #, your account #) along with the number you would like to block to techsupport@nftctelecom.com


Dial *98 and follow the prompts. The default PIN is 4507 (default PIN for Sharbot Lake customers is 2580).

To change PIN: dial *98 to enter the main menu. Press 4 to enter the settings menu. Press 3 to enter security settings. In the security settings menu press 1 to change your PIN and follow the prompts.

To change your greeting: at the main menu (*98) press 3 and follow the prompts.

To access your voicemail remotely, dial 1-877-910-4810 and follow the prompts.

Call Waiting

Hit the flash button on your telephone to transfer between active calls.

Call Display

Your telephone must be compatible with call display services.

Universal Call Trace

Immediately following a nuisance call, pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone. Dial *57 (KS - keep safe) to activate Call Trace. A recorded message will confirm that the last call has been traced. Contact your local police department to take further action.

Message Relay Service (MRS)

Dimply dial 711 to connect with an MRS Operator. If you wish to call a MRS user, dial (888) 782-3676.