NFTC and SWIFT Announce Broadband Expansion Project For London

January 28, 2021

SWIFT announced it has signed an agreement with North Frontenac Telephone Company (NFTC) to expand high-speed internet access to 485 underserved homes and businesses within the City of London.

“NFTC is proud to be able to partner with SWIFT and the City of London to add over 24km of fibre optic network within the southern portion of the City’s geographic footprint. The events of this past year have highlighted the importance of bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas when it comes to internet access. When this network expansion is complete, residents in these underserved areas will enjoy the same high-speed connectivity available in major urban centres. Remote learning, telecommuting for work as well as the ability to leverage new technologies will become a reliable reality. Businesses will be able to fully leverage digital commerce opportunities.  For well over sixty years, NFTC has provided telecommunication services to rural Ontario subscribers. We are very familiar with the challenges of expanding high speed broadband services in lower populated areas and are excited to have the opportunity to continue our commitment to bringing high speed broadband and telecommunication services to rural Ontario.” –Grant Roughley, Vice President, NFTC

Click here to read the full news release from SWIFT.